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# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from itertools import zip_longest
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Union

import numpy as np

from ...utils import get_config_path
from ..node import Node
from ..registry import NODES

    from mmdet.apis import inference_detector, init_detector
    has_mmdet = True
except (ImportError, ModuleNotFoundError):
    has_mmdet = False

[docs]@NODES.register_module() class DetectorNode(Node): """Detect objects from the frame image using MMDetection model. Note that MMDetection is required for this node. Please refer to `MMDetection documentation < /latest/get_started.html>`_ for the installation guide. Parameters: name (str): The node name (also thread name) model_cfg (str): The model config file model_checkpoint (str): The model checkpoint file input_buffer (str): The name of the input buffer output_buffer (str|list): The name(s) of the output buffer(s) enable_key (str|int, optional): Set a hot-key to toggle enable/disable of the node. If an int value is given, it will be treated as an ascii code of a key. Please note: (1) If ``enable_key`` is set, the ``bypass()`` method need to be overridden to define the node behavior when disabled; (2) Some hot-keys are reserved for particular use. For example: 'q', 'Q' and 27 are used for exiting. Default: ``None`` enable (bool): Default enable/disable status. Default: ``True`` device (str): Specify the device to hold model weights and inference the model. Default: ``'cuda:0'`` bbox_thr (float): Set a threshold to filter out objects with low bbox scores. Default: 0.5 multi_input (bool): Whether load all frames in input buffer. If True, all frames in buffer will be loaded and stacked. The latest frame is used to detect objects of interest. Default: False Example:: >>> cfg = dict( ... type='DetectorNode', ... name='detector', ... model_config='demo/mmdetection_cfg/' ... '', ... model_checkpoint='' ... '/mmdetection/v2.0/ssd/' ... 'ssdlite_mobilenetv2_scratch_600e_coco/ssdlite_mobilenetv2_' ... 'scratch_600e_coco_20210629_110627-974d9307.pth', ... # `_input_` is an executor-reserved buffer ... input_buffer='_input_', ... output_buffer='det_result') >>> from import NODES >>> node = """ def __init__(self, name: str, model_config: str, model_checkpoint: str, input_buffer: str, output_buffer: Union[str, List[str]], enable_key: Optional[Union[str, int]] = None, enable: bool = True, device: str = 'cuda:0', bbox_thr: float = 0.5, multi_input: bool = False): # Check mmdetection is installed assert has_mmdet, \ f'MMDetection is required for {self.__class__.__name__}.' super().__init__( name=name, enable_key=enable_key, enable=enable, multi_input=multi_input) self.model_config = get_config_path(model_config, 'mmdet') self.model_checkpoint = model_checkpoint self.device = device.lower() self.bbox_thr = bbox_thr # Init model self.model = init_detector( self.model_config, self.model_checkpoint, device=self.device) # Register buffers self.register_input_buffer(input_buffer, 'input', trigger=True) self.register_output_buffer(output_buffer)
[docs] def bypass(self, input_msgs): return input_msgs['input']
[docs] def process(self, input_msgs): input_msg = input_msgs['input'] if self.multi_input: imgs = [frame.get_image() for frame in input_msg] input_msg = input_msg[-1] img = input_msg.get_image() preds = inference_detector(self.model, img) objects = self._post_process(preds) input_msg.update_objects(objects) if self.multi_input: input_msg.set_image(np.stack(imgs, axis=0)) return input_msg
def _post_process(self, preds) -> List[Dict]: """Post-process the predictions of MMDetection model.""" if isinstance(preds, tuple): dets = preds[0] segms = preds[1] else: dets = preds segms = [[]] * len(dets) classes = self.model.CLASSES if isinstance(classes, str): classes = (classes, ) assert len(dets) == len(classes) assert len(segms) == len(classes) objects = [] for i, (label, bboxes, masks) in enumerate(zip(classes, dets, segms)): for bbox, mask in zip_longest(bboxes, masks): if bbox[4] < self.bbox_thr: continue obj = { 'class_id': i, 'label': label, 'bbox': bbox, 'mask': mask, 'det_model_cfg': self.model.cfg } objects.append(obj) return objects
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